Online Christian Counseling For Teens

If you're looking for a faith-based counselor to help your teen navigate a personal, spiritual, or psychological crisis, you can now hire a licensed professional to deliver counseling online.

Finding a Provider?

Vetting a provider online can be difficult. Unlike traditional counselors, you can't look at framed diplomas on the wall of a chat room. However, the best Christian counselors online aren't just faith-based individuals doling out spiritual advice to their patients; they're licensed professionals who take a faith-based approach to traditionally accepted counseling methodologies. Before you book a session for your teen with a counselor, be sure to verify the practitioner's state counseling license number and the practitioner's Christian counseling license number.

Furthermore, it might be worth your time to investigate the type of Christian counseling certification your provider received. If your family ascribes to a particular Christian denomination, your teen might receive Christian counseling advice that aligns more completely with your values if you choose a provider whose certification is aligned with a similar denomination.

Finding Faith-Based Solutions?

Online Christianity counseling can be perfect alternative for a teenager. Because the services are delivered online, your teen can find it to be an extension of their digital identity.

Text Chats: One of the most popular services provided by online Christian Counseling providers are text chats. These sessions are impromptu and give your teen a trusted resource to reach out to when they're in need. After establishing a relationship with their Christian counselor, your teen can communicate in what's likely their preferred method of communicating: text messages. In turn, your Christian counselor can not only provide counseling advice, but also use Bible verses, anecdotes, and wisdom to help your teen find solace and healing through their faith.

Video Chats: Online counseling allows the provider to go where your teen goes. Some novel approaches used by online Christian counselors include standard video chats, but they can also include group video chats, vlogs, and Bible study sessions. For instance, your Christian counselor might assign your teen simple daily journal prompts but allow them to record video confessionals. These short videos can give your teen the time and space they need to articulate their problems and an opportunity to connect with specific principles in their faith to find solutions to their problems. To make these video sessions more valuable, encourage your teen to be open and honest while assuring them you will respect their privacy.