Social Media Might Be Keeping You From Your Career Goals

Not where you envisioned you'd be at this point in your career? Feel like you're working hard, but not getting where you want to be? Social media may be hindering your ability to excel. While it has its great points, being active online can hurt your career, if you're not engaging wisely.

Spending Too Much Time Online

With so many platforms to choose from and so many people to connect with, spending time on social media is fun and exciting. Don't have too much fun.

If you are spending all your free time online browsing and chatting with friends, this means you aren't updating your resume, networking with co-workers or doing something else productive that will get you closer to your goals. These are all necessary steps if you want to advance. Scale back your usage for those times when you've worked hard and need a break.

You're Online at the Wrong Times

If you walked into a restaurant, you'd be upset if the wait staff was in the corner playing on their phones. Your employer will have the same feelings if you are posting on social media when you should be working.

This type of activity can make you look like you don't have good time management skills, you aren't productive and need constant supervision to stay on task. None of these are qualities of a leader so if you're looking to excel in a management position, this may serve as a hindrance. Save social media for your own time.

Sharing Too Much

Your colleagues, supervisors, and department heads should only know you as a hardworking employee. They don't need to know you as the party animal that likes to let loose on the weekend or even that you're feuding with your partner.

It's always a good idea to keep your pleasure separate from the professional. When you don't, you may open the door to being unfairly judged, which can, unfortunately, keep you from a promotion on your job. Always be mindful that everything you post online is permanent and you never know who is viewing your page.

Social media is a great tool when used the right way. Instead of spending too much time on your social media accounts at the wrong time, or sharing too much information, turn your focus back to your career goals. A career coach can help you get back on track and reach new heights.