Alcohol Addiction: Keep Your Loved One On Track During The Holidays

If your loved one is currently undergoing drug addiction treatment for an alcohol problem, minimizing stress in their lives is essential, especially during the holidays. Although many people don't consider alcohol a drug, it's one of the most abused and used substances in the United States. Alcohol addiction has the potential to lead to or accompany other addictive vices, including prescription drugs, marijuana, and heroin. Here's more information about stress and addiction and what you can do to help your loved one stay on track to their recovery.

General Anxiety Disorder In Children: What You Need To Know

General anxiety disorder (GAD) in children often requires counseling and treatment from a child therapist. Children suffering from GAD will often experience anxiety and worry over a wide range of issues. This may include worry over their health and the health of loved ones, school, world events and the future. The anxiety often leads to problems such as headaches, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, stomach aches and difficulty concentrating. The first step in controlling GAD is to recognize the symptoms, then seek treatment from a counselor or therapist who specializes in mental health issues affecting children at a mental health hospital.

How Traumatic Events Can Lead to Anxiety and Depression

Life is full of unexpected surprises and events, and many of the situations you will go through will not be positive ones. Negative, or bad, events are often referred to as traumatic experiences. While many people go through bad events, these situations can leave a lot of people with depression and anxiety. Feeling depressed and anxious from traumatic experiences is quite normal, but these experiences don't have to affect you like this forever.

Understanding Your Teen's Pornography Addiction: Help For Confused Parents

According to Covenant Eyes, approximately 68 percent of teen and young men and 18 percent of teen and young women watch pornography at least one time each week. If you are concerned your teenager is suffering with an addiction to pornography, you might not understand what this really means and how to confront your teens about this common issue. Here is some valuable information to help you put an end to your teen's pornography addiction:

Getting Over A Divorce: 3 Counseling Tips To Move On With Your Life

When your happily ever after ends in divorce, which is the fate of approximately 40% to 50% of all marriages, you might find yourself propelled into a downwards spiral. As the divorce is finalized, you might feel as if your life has lost meaning or even that you have lost a significant part of yourself. If you're having troubles managing and dealing with your emotions and mental health, there's no harm in getting some counseling.