Three Benefits Of Sending Your Struggling Teen To Boarding School

If your teen has been struggling with poor grades, drug abuse, or emotional turmoil, you may be beside yourself looking for solutions. Perhaps someone has suggested sending them to a boarding school for struggling teens. If you're like most parents, your first thought was probably that boarding school seems outdated or like a last-ditch solution. But in fact, it really can be the best option for teens who are having a hard time. Here are three benefits of sending your troubled teen off to boarding school.

They'll have access to a team of experts.

Sometimes, in order to face their demons, a teenager needs a radical overhaul of their life -- and treatment by a series of professionals. Boarding schools for troubled teens usually employ psychologists, dieticians, and therapists of many different sorts, which guarantees that your teen gets the treatment they need while they are at school. It's much harder to access these professionals when your teen lives at home. Running from doctor's appointment to doctor's appointment is a hassle, and you may not be sure exactly what professionals to see. 

Someone will be able to supervise them consistently.

If you are a parent who works full time, you may not be able to supervise your teen 24/7. There are probably a few hours after school during which they are alone, and a lot can happen in those few hours -- from drug use to mischief. When your teen is at a boarding school, there will be employees supervising them at all times. You don't have to worry as much about them getting into any trouble or causing themselves harm. This arrangement can be the best choice for your teen's safety if they have a history of drug abuse, self-harm, or suicide attempts. 

They'll have better access to recreational activities.

In the standard public school system, it can be hard for kids to break into programs like sports and theater. There are often try-outs, and if your teen does not make the cut, they cannot participate. This can make it hard for teens who are struggling emotionally to really discover and become involved in something they love. At a boarding school for troubled teens, there should be more recreational activities in which your son or daughter can participate without having to "make the team." It's amazing what a difference discovering a new passion can make in your teen's attitude.

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