Strengthen Your Recovery Plan

After completing an inpatient treatment program for alcohol abuse, it can be difficult to retain a healthy lifestyle in society. The tools that you acquired while in treatment should be implemented regularly, and you may benefit by strengthening your recovery plan with an outpatient treatment program, meetings that are designed for recovering addicts, and a sponsorship.

Participate In Outpatient Treatment Sessions

The counselor who managed your recovery program while in an inpatient treatment facility can recommend outpatient treatment sessions that are geared toward recovering alcoholics and that will provide you with the support you need to maintain your sobriety.

Switching from a life inside of a facility to one outside in the real world can be overwhelming, and because there is nobody watching to stop you from purchasing alcohol or engaging in reckless behavior, one poor decision can lead you back into an active addiction. 

During outpatient treatment sessions, voice your concerns to your new counselor and let your counselor know how you have been coping with negative thoughts or the temptation to drink an alcoholic beverage. Revealing your thoughts and processing them in a safe environment will allow you to release feelings of doubt and may help you determine a healthy course of action that will prevent you from turning toward alcohol for comfort. 

Use Networking To Assist With Acquiring A Sponsorship

While you were in treatment, you probably attended alcoholics anonymous meetings quite frequently. These meetings are still important and if you are beginning to attend less of them or have eliminated meetings altogether, let your counselor at the outpatient treatment center know. The treatment center may offer meetings, or your counselor may be aware of some meetings that may be of interest to you.

As you grow accustomed to attending meetings, you will begin to see some of the same people from time to time. Strike up a conversation with your peers or share a little bit about yourself. Before you know it, you may have made a few good friends who you can share your innermost secrets with.

While networking with some of the group members, ask your peers if they know of any people who are willing to sponsor a recovering addict. You may receive several suggestions. Ask to be introduced to potential sponsors and select the person who you feel could be beneficial to your recovery.

Spend time with your sponsor on a weekly basis and feel free to reach out to them whenever you need someone to talk to or are struggling to refrain from drinking an alcoholic beverage. For more information, contact your local outpatient substance abuse treatment center.