Is The Mom In Your Household About To Lose It?

In many families, it's the mom that holds everything and everyone together. When the mom suffers, everyone suffers – or at least one would think. So many moms suffer silently while tending to the needs of everyone else in the home – her needs, her feelings, and her struggles are hidden deep inside until she finally implodes. How do you help the mom in your household get better? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you do just that.

Consider Marriage and Family Counseling

Your initial thought might be that you and the family don't need the counseling, just mom does because she's the one with the problem. Well, you'd be wrong. If the family has gone without noticing that mom is struggling like she has been, then the entire family needs to start rethinking things. Sure, mom will benefit from one-on-one counseling, but getting the entire family involved will help so much more. Because the family will get to hear what mom has been feeling, you'll all learn how to better communicate and help mom through this and it shows mom that she has the support of the family as she works through this. Marriage and family therapy will help everyone!

Give a Helping Hand

Does the mom in your household take care of everyone's everything? Do the kids walk right past you to knock on the bathroom door to ask mom for a glass of milk? If so, intervene – give mom a helping hand. You know you hear it, see it, and probably secretly appreciate the fact that the kids rely on her for everything and not you, but it is exhausting for a mom to fulfill everyone's needs during the day – so much so that she oftentimes overlooks her own needs because she's just too run down to care anymore.

Mom's Day Out

Once a month, get mom out of the house without the kids, or you for that matter. Let her go out with the girls and have a girl's night – or just spend a day at a spa by herself being pampered. Getting her out of the motherhood element will reduce her stress and refresh her so that she can take things on for another 30 days.

Don't let the mom in your household suffer quietly. See the signs and know that if she looks tired, it's time to do something to give the poor woman a break!